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Nagel Coach 102

50 Passenger Motor Coaches

Our 50 passenger bus is perfectly suited for your smaller group needs!  It’s also equipped with extra luxurious features such as Twin Captain’s Chairs in front, the ability to create a small lounge with card table in the rear, and a refreshments galley!  Outfitted particularly with corporate groups and teams in mind, you’ll be able to travel in comfort to your next event.

54 Passenger Motor Coaches

Our 54 passenger coach is a great way to travel!  There are  fewer seats than the standard capacity motor coach, so our seats are spaced wider apart for more leg room!  Cup holders, foot rests, pockets for your books or other items in your seating area, along with 110v receptacles at each seat round out the features each passenger will enjoy.  There’s complimentary WIFI, and a DVD Player. Plus, there are connections to integrate media players into the audio-visual system of the vehicle to expand the capabilities you will enjoy as you travel in comfort.

Nagel Coach 100

Go Green!  When you choose to travel by bus or motor coach, you are choosing to lower your impact on the environment.  Our fleet of MCI coaches with clean burning diesel technology provides the lowest carbon footprint of all modes of transportation.   We are also helping to ease congestion every time a group rides on our coach due to the number of cars each bus trip can take off the road!  Take a look at the photo below, showing just how many cars one single bus can take off the road.


We only operate top-of-the-line motor coaches made in Canada by Motor Coach Industries.  Built in Winnipeg, MB, these coaches are known for comfort and ease of access for passengers.  We always order our coaches to our own specifications, adding special features for function and luxury.  They have industry leading space for luggage below deck, and carry-ons in the cabin.  Our coaches are cleaned daily, and are equipped with a washroom for when emergencies arise, with built-in holding tank to keep the coach cabin environment a nice space to ride in.

Our maintenance program is followed by technicians from the best independent mechanical shops.  This program includes a monthly inspection of important safety and reliability features of the equipment.  These inspections go beyond the government mandated 6 month full inspection, which our coaches pass with ease.

Nagel Coaches drivers are among the best in the business.  We only hire experienced motor coach drivers, and provide extra training as needed throughout their career with us.  Not only do our drivers carefully follow the rules of the road, they also keep within the rules of the hours of service regulations for passenger transport in Canada and the United States.  All of our drivers that enter the United States participate in mandatory drug and alcohol testing.  Overall, Nagel drivers are friendly and accommodating,  and take pleasure in keeping you safe on the road and getting you to your destination happily and comfortably.

For more information on the Hours of Service regulations in Canada,  take a look at this web page:

For more information on the Hours of Service regulations in the United States, take a look here: